I’ve been a part of the Opera community for the last 8 years, being an enthusiastic developer, translator, blogger, supporter, bug reporter and many other things more. This (mostly) was a great time. I’ve been inspired by a great team of co-workers and community members.

For the last two years it was not always the fun it used to be. Things changed slightly, and things changed even more after Jon left Opera ASA. Beneath some strategical decisions of the new board, we lost our spirit and our guidance.

Last fall, the Opera board made the decision of shutting down the community site, closing a few thousand blogs. This was really sad since most of the people which where part of the my.opera.com community has been the most enthusiastic fans a software company could have, showing their support for nearly two decades.

We all will have to leave ‚my.opera.com‘ until the end of march 2015.

From now follow my blog at http://lucina.weitsicht.org/.